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Under the leadership of our chief veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Hadzic, Paws and Feathers Veterinary Clinic Inc has been serving animal and pet owners in and around Chicago, IL for a number of years. Her love for animals of all kinds and her recognition of the loving care and treatment they deserve is shared throughout our staff. Whether your animal or pet is in need of a routine checkup or it has been brought to us for a surgical procedure, it will always be treated with the utmost in care and compassion.

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Dr. Sarah V. Hadzic DVM, CHPV, PhD, our chief of staff and co-founder of Last Kiss at Home Pet Euthanasia Services and founder of Paws and Feathers Vet Clinic,  earned her veterinary degree at the University of Sarajevo.  She worked for 9 years at the National Primate Research Center.  For medical school, she successfully completed the senior clinical year at the University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine as a part of her U.S. veterinary license. She additionally completed her Ph.D. at Tulane University researching HIV immunogenesis. She has over 25+ years of clinical experience and graduated with high academic achievements including as the first female veterinarian who graduated from Program in Biomedical Sciences at the Tulane School of Medicine with Summa Cum Laude.

When off-duty she is a proud mom of two future doctors: Melisa who is in medical school and Azemina who is in pre-vet.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, dancing, and cooking traditional food. Additionally, she is an AVMA ECFVG board member representative of non-native English speaking Clinical Practitioner for all of North America.   Not only is she a great vet, she is also the owner of rescued adorable pets: 3 cats: Leah, Leo, Ringo, 4 birds: Sheba, Nisa, Rio, and Banana.

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Animals usually cannot tell us what their problems are. It is our job to know what the problems are.





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